• «The impact of the financial crisis on the constitutions of Eurozone Member States under rescue programs - Greece as a laboratory of constitutional theory»,

    European Review of Public Law (ERPL) vol. 32, no 1, spring /printemps 2020 pp 295-342

  • Εισήγηση στο ομότιτλο σεμινάριο που πραγματοποιήθηκε στο Oriel College, Oxford University (18.10.2018)



  • « The influence of the 2012 restructuring of the Greek public debt on the economic governance of the Eurozone and on public debt law» European Law Review, Issue 2, 2020

    An initial version of this paper was the Keynote speech at the INSOL - Europe, Annual Congress 2018 that was held in Athens in October 2018.


  • "Bible and Constitution - Thoughts on the political theology", Article by Evangelos Venizelos published in Rassegna di Teologia, (RdT 61 [2020] 115-124)

  • Lecture at the international scientific conference of the Hellenic Bible Society on ''Bible and Politics'', held in Athens on 14-15 December 2018


Отношения государства и церкви: монография*

Автор: Венизелос Е.

Дисциплина: Религиоведение

Жанр: Научные монографии

Москва: Новое издательство, 2008

[Link: https://biblioclub.ru/index.php?page=book&id=64615 ]

* μετάφραση στα Ρωσικά- Oι σχέσεις κράτους και εκκλησίας ως σχέσεις συνταγματικά ρυθμισμένες, εκδ. Παρατηρητής, 2000

[Link: https://www.evenizelos.gr/books-studies/books/monographs/747-o.html ]