Thursday 3, November 2011

Upon arrival to Athens from Cannes at 4.45 am, Deputy Prime Minister and Finance Minister of the Hellenic Republic, Evangelos  Venizelos, made the following statement:

left-red-arrowGreece’s position within the euro area is a historic conquest of the country that cannot be put in doubt. This acquis by the Greek people cannot depend on a referendum.

The country must feel safe and stable and that is the first requirement in order for it to be truly safe and stable. Greek banks are totally secure, as an integral part of the European banking system. This was apparent last night from the discussion in Cannes.

What is important is for the sixth tranche to be disbursed, without any distractions or delay, according to the decisions of Eurogroup of October 26, which came as a result of 10 hours of hard negotiations.

The next step is to activate, before the end of the year, the new support programme that provides Greece with an additional 130 billion euro and leads to a reduction of Greek sovereign debt of about 100 billion euro. The completion of these processes is a national project. redsq

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Friday, October 7, 2011


Statements by the Deputy Prime Minister and Finance Minister of the Hellenic Republic Mr. Evangelos Venizelos and the Vice-Chancellor and Finance Minister of the Federal Republic of Germany Mr. Phillip Rösler, after their meeting at the Parliament in Athens

redsq Philipp Rösler: Ladies and gentlemen, dear colleague Mr. Venizelos, we really held, once again, exceptionally good talks. What we talked about was, of course, the overall crisis in Europe. We reached to the conclusion that this crisis has two underlying causes: On the one hand, the indebtedness of states and on the other, the lack of competition.

If we want peoples to accept what they are called upon to do, both in Greece and in Europe, as well as in the euro area, we will have to create a true vision. This is the view and principle that I keep repeating: that there will have to be a Union for stability. Europe for stability, that is. This is good for the euro area and for Europe overall, in order to defend Europe from outside attacks.

We also discussed with the Minister about the pending cases between German businesses and the Greek state and I am truly grateful that the Minister himself will take over and provide for a solution in this matter. Over the next few days, we will already see decisions taken and positive results.

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Athens, September 29, 2011

Answering questions by reporters in regards to the ratifications of EFSF’s new institutional framework, Deputy Prime Minister and Finance Minister of the Hellenic Republic expressed his satisfaction and his optimism for the completion of the relevant processes in all member states, since the decisions of July 21 are of vital importance for the euro and the euro area.

Moreover, Mr. Venizelos made a connection between the result of the vote in the German Parliament with the fact that Greece has sent a very clear and decisive message at an international level that it meets its obligations that stem from the support mechanism. Those are not obligations towards the troika, Greece’s institutional partners and creditors, but towards the country itself and most of all towards its young generation.

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Athens, Sept. 27, 2011


CNN’s John Defterios had an exclusive short interview with Greece's Finance Minister Evangelos Venizelos in Athens.

Ev. Venizelos: I am absolutely optimistic about the sixth disbursement and also about the implementation of the so-called “new program,” always in reference to the terms of the famous decision of July 21.

J. Defterios (CNN): So there is not a new program, so we can clarify for everyone, taking shape for a 50% “haircut”. There is not a new program not just for Greece but for peripheral countries of Europe, to reshape and provide a 50% “haircut” on government debt.

Ev. Venizelos: I am the responsible Minister of Finance of Greece. I am here in order to apply and to implement our joint European decision of July. Not to participate in different irresponsible discussions, or in order to repeat rumors or comments. For me, the only duty, the only path, is to implement the decision of July 21.

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Washington DC, Sunday, September 25, 2011


Keynote speech of the Deputy Prime Minister and Finance Minister of Greece, Prof. Evangelos Venizelos, at the closing lunch of the Annual Membership Meeting of the International Institute of Finance

Since 2008, we have been experiencing different phases of the international financial and fiscal crisis. In the case of the Euro Area it is now obvious that the crisis is more than a financial or a fiscal one.

It is a political and institutional crisis.

The point is whether the Euro Area, which has one of the world’s most powerful currencies, has those institutional structures and the political capacity that can provide swift and decisive responses, and make decisions that convince the markets.

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Athens, September 18, 2011


Statement of the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Finance, Mr. Evangelos Venizelos, after the meeting of the governmental committee

left-red-arrowToday, I briefed the governmental committee that came together under the chairmanship of the Prime Minister, on everything that took place during the Eurogroup and Ecofin meetings in Poland, most importantly on the bilateral meetings I had with my counterparts and talks with institutional delegates .

The conclusion from that meeting, which made it necessary for the governmental committee to come together, is that a fluid and nervous situation has taken shape within the Eurozone and the international economy at large, which creates multiple problems and allows the profiteering elements of the global market, those who speculate against the euro and other currencies, to constantly organize attacks on the heart of the euro. And this concerns us deeply as a country, it concerns all Greek citizens.

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Thessaloniki, September 11, 2011


Statement of the Deputy Prime Minister and Finance Minister of the Hellenic Republic, following the informal Cabinet Meeting in Thessaloniki

left-red-arrowGood afternoon. A very critical and long Cabinet meeting came to an end a while ago. This is the second crucial Cabinet meeting since Tuesday, when we announced the decision to drastically speed up the structural changes for the new single payroll and grading system of the public sector employees, which will be applied in the wider public sector, for the labor reserve, for the restructuring of public organizations, for the liberalization of the labor market and for the enhancement of our national competitiveness.

The Prime Minister asked the Cabinet today to address a very critical situation that has developed in recent days in the Eurozone, in Europe and the global markets. There is no doubt that the lack of comprehensive institutions of economic governance at European and international level, acts as a catalyst and influences political and institutional developments, particularly in the European Union, which is at a threshold in the historical and institutional process of European integration.

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Athens, September 9, 2011


Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Finance of Greece, Mr. Evangelos Venizelos, commented on the rumors about a possible Greek default this coming weekend, as follows:

left-red-arrowIt is not the first time that we see an organized wave of “rumors” about an upcoming Greek default. This is a game of a very bad taste, an orchestrated speculation that is targeting the euro and the Euro Area as a whole.

Greece’s fundamental choice and priority is to fully and entirely implement the July 21 decisions and, of course, to wholly fulfill its obligations that derive from the agreements reached between Greece and its partners.redsq

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Saturday 6 August 2011


Greece's finance minister: 'We will make a superhuman effort'
Evangelos Venizelos introduced austerity measures to tackle the Greek debt crisis – now he pledges a crackdown on tax evasion


By Helena Smith

FINWhen Evangelos Venizelos, the Greek finance minister, first met his colleagues in Brussels in June the atmosphere was far from congenial. In the post for barely a day, the burly professor of law listened impassively as eurozone finance ministers berated him for the lack of progress Athens had made in reining in its runaway debt.

Greece was all mouth and no action; it was good at passing reforms to modernise its basket case of an economy but then did nothing to enforce them.

At the end of the tirade, Venizelos took the stand and promised to deliver.

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Athens, July 26 2011

Deputy Prime Minister and Finance Minister of the Hellenic Republic, Evangelos Venizelos, met yesterday, Monday July 25 2011 in Washington DC with US Senators Tim Johnson, Chairman of the Senate Committee on Banking, Housing and Urban Affair and John F. Kerry, Chairman of the Senate Committee on Foreign Relations, thus concluding his round of meetings in the US capital.

Later on, Minister Venizelos, before an audience of academicians, economists, journalists and other opinion makers, delivered a speech at the Peterson Institute for International Economics entitled “Greek debt crisis: challenges and opportunities”.

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