Athens, Sept. 27, 2011


CNN’s John Defterios had an exclusive short interview with Greece's Finance Minister Evangelos Venizelos in Athens.

Ev. Venizelos: I am absolutely optimistic about the sixth disbursement and also about the implementation of the so-called “new program,” always in reference to the terms of the famous decision of July 21.

J. Defterios (CNN): So there is not a new program, so we can clarify for everyone, taking shape for a 50% “haircut”. There is not a new program not just for Greece but for peripheral countries of Europe, to reshape and provide a 50% “haircut” on government debt.

Ev. Venizelos: I am the responsible Minister of Finance of Greece. I am here in order to apply and to implement our joint European decision of July. Not to participate in different irresponsible discussions, or in order to repeat rumors or comments. For me, the only duty, the only path, is to implement the decision of July 21.


2011-09-27. CNN’s John Defterios talks to Evangelos Venizelos in Athens from Evangelos Venizelos on Vimeo.

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