Saturday, July 2 2011

Greek deputy PM and Finance Minister Evangelos Venizelos made the following statement today:

left-red-arrowDuring this evening’s teleconference, Eurogroup decided:

1. To proceed to the fifth tranche until July 15. The IMF is expected to reach its decision on July 8, according to the usual practice. 

2. To work out a new programme on time, before mid-September, so that the disbursement of the next tranche is made possible, based on the current timetable

Today’s decisions reached by Eurogroup were made possible, after the approval of the Middle Term Fiscal Strategy program and the Implementation Law in the Parliament.

This development has strengthened the country’s international credibility. What is crucial now is to implement parliament's decisions on time and effectively, in order to be able to gradually exit the crisis for the benefit of the national economy and Greek citizens.redsq





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