Athens, July 17, 2011


Deputy PM and Finance Minister Evangelos Venizelos made the following statement after the meeting with Secretary of State Mrs. Hillary Clinton:

left-gray-arrowklinton_venizelosI had a very interesting and substantial discussion with Mrs. Clinton on all the details, but always under a political approach. The US Government and the Secretary of State herself understand very well that the problem of the economy is political and that Greece must present a complete national story in terms of what it does and for the prospects that lie ahead.

US support is extremely important. It is important through the IMF, where the role of the United States is crucial. US support is also important through the bilateral contacts that they maintain with all Eurozone member states and they realize fully well that, if Greece produces results in tackling tax-evasion, in the collection of public revenues and in the implementation of the privatization program, the international environment will shift. Moreover, they take note of any achievements, of the smallest positive step possible towards that direction.

It is important to make the Greek sovereign debt viable in the long run –this is well understood by the US side and they are ready to help with specific proposals both in terms of investment and in terms of the real economy. Growth always is our goal, as is battling unemployment and the aim of Greece to take its place as a competitive country both within the EU and the global market.

So, it was a very substantial and friendly meeting. It truly was a working meeting in order to pursue common goals. I am particularly satisfied and I expressed my satisfaction to Mrs. Clinton.redsq

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