Monday 7 November 2011


Deputy Prime Minister and Finance Minister of Greece, Mr. Evangelos Venizelos, stated the following after the conclusion of today’s Eurogroup Summit session:

left-red-arrowThe Eurogroup warmly welcomed the recent political developments in Greece, especially the decision of the two biggest political parties to support a government whose mission will be to implement the decision of October 26.

Today’s Eurogroup session shows that the Euro Area in its entirety is ready to implement the decision of October 26, starting from the timely disbursement of the sixth tranche, provided that the new government and the political forces that support it confirm, in writing also, the country’s commitments that are linked to the decision of the EU Council Summit of October 26. Immediately afterwards, the Troika will come to Athens for the necessary consultations that lead to the new programme.

At the same time, the Eurogroup decided to go ahead, starting now, with all the processes that are linked to the participation of the private sector (PSI) in the new framework of the Greek sovereign debt’s sustainability, with its reduction by 100 billion euro, which equals to 50 percentage points of GDP.redsq


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