Athens, June 27, 2015

Evangelos Venizelos made the following statement: 

The political fraud is evolving now in a coup that degrades democratic processes, that poses an immediate risk to the European course of the country and threatens the historical acquis.

It is proven, in the most brutal way, that the Tsipras/Kammenos government never negotiated. They have squandered six valuable months, aggravated all sizes of the economy, weakened the position of the country and deliberately exposed it to the extreme claims of the creditors, having in mind -from the start- the violation of the referendum process.

Now, just three days before the expiry of the extension of the program, with banks in a critical state, each day awaiting the ELA aid, with the country under direct threat of a disorderly bankruptcy, Mr. Tsipras thinks he is evading responsibility by organizing a caricature referendum in violation of the Constitution.

Mr. Tsipras and those with him do not take anything into account and do not regret anything; neither the sacrifices of the people who want the country to stay in the eurozone, nor the national damage caused by playing with things he should not play with.

The referendum on a crucial national issue, when the issue is directly and primarily financial, is contrary to Article 44, para. 2 of the Constitution.


The surreptitious forced referendum on the fate of the country within a week, with a pre-referendum period of just five days constitutes a brutal violation of the 4023/2011 law, which refers (Article 21) to the deadlines and procedures of the electoral law. Within five days, the democratic debate imposed by the Constitution and the law cannot be conducted.

This is a coup attempt, which I hope the President of the Republic, who is in addition a professor of public law and guardian of the historical memory of Constantine Karamanlis, will not be an accessory to.

In essence, this is an apotheosis of adventurism, irresponsibility and false cunning. Mr. Tsipras thinks that he will entrap the opposition and the electorate in the fake question of a “yes” or “no” to the cruel proposal of the EU and the IMF. He also thinks that he can continue to be the prime minister, irregardless of the outcome of the referendum!

The real question is “yes” or “no” to Europe and the euro.

And this must be answered by every citizen.

The answer is “yes” to Europe, and the current government cannot implement the national strategy.

The issue is that the country needs a government worthy of its institutional role and with a sense of responsibility. A government able to repair the damage done during the last five months and negotiate directly and effectively with the EU and the IMF.

Therefore, all that the government Tsipras/Kammenos can do now is resign. The referendum imagined by the morbid mind of the government also leads de facto to an  expediting of the process towards elections. In the meanwhile, though, the European course of the country and the status of the national economy must be protected

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