Athens, 1 July 2015

Evangelos Venizelos made the following statement referring to today’s “address” and yesterday’s letter by Mr. Tsipras to the heads of the Eurogroup, the Commission, the ECB and the IMF:

After having led the country to the brink of dissolution, after having deprived the country of the shield that is the EFSF programme, and the support of the ECB, after having issued a legislative act for the closure of banks and capital controls, after having sent the Greek men and women to form queues before ATMs, Mr. Tsipras continues the dumb-cunning communicative games. He is not up to the occasion.

Instead of boldly declaring that he will convene the Parliament in order to withdraw the referendum to seek reliable immediate resumption of the negotiations, he sends letters, with the only purpose being, unfortunately, to be able to say that he made several attempts, but the European institutions are intransigent. Each and every day, he makes an address, affirming his belief in Europe, while at the same time he pushes the country to the exit of the eurozone.

He is panicked by the reaction of the society, but refuses to respect the national interest.

He does not respect the democratic institutions either, since in his letters he admits that the question of the referendum is a spurious one in any case. He has already turned Greece into an object of concern for the Council of Europe, which sees violations of the institutional guarantees for free and genuine expression of the popular will in the referendum.

The day before yesterday, he called for a new program from the ESM, spreading the word everywhere that he does not want the IMF to participate in it, while yesterday, he sent a letter with its individual terms the Managing Director of the IMF first!

Mr. Tsipras simply seeks to reinforce the "no" vote. To limit as much as possible the difference between the percentage of "yes", which is prevailing, and “no”, which is losing ground. He is giving a pusillanimous and petty-partisanship rearguard battle.

With these movements of his, however, he admits that he has invited the citizens to say “no” to a proposal that more than 90% of his government accepts, even today!

Thus, the only real question of the referendum is: “yes” or “no” to the country's European course, to the euro, to common sense, to the country's acquis.

Therefore, this is not a time for tricks, but a time for courageous and nationally responsible positions.

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