Sunday, 05.02.2012

The Press Office of the Greek Ministry of Finance released the following statement:

One of today’s Reuters reports includes a quote –unnamed of course- of a Eurozone official who is reportedly saying that the Greek Finance Minister “is very hard to get hold of because he is very busy campaigning for the leadership of PASOK, so he is not available to meet with Troika members.”

This anonymous quote seems ridiculous if not suspicious to all those who have a basic knowledge of the Finance Minister’s daily schedule of long meetings with the troika representatives, his constant contacts with his counterparts and heads of institutions involved in the troika, the continuous working meetings with the Prime Minister, the teleconferences, the successive contacts with the IIF for the PSI and generally the superhuman efforts made 24 hours a day by a small group of people led by the Greek Minister of Finance.

The Deputy Prime Minister and Finance Minister Evangelos Venizelos has contacted the Eurogroup President and Prime Minister of Luxembourg Mr. J. C. Juncker to inform him on the Reuters story. Mr. Juncker authorized Mr. Venizelos to state that this report is out of touch with reality.



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