Athens, 4 July 2015

Evangelos Venizelos

Article in “Ethnos” newspaper 

On Sunday, has to win the Greece of a “Yes” that unites

Greece can make up for the lost time. It can regain its aim as a nation. It can plan again its exit from the Memorandum, the transition to the phase of the precautionary credit line and a return to markets, a non-dependence on loans from the European partners and the IMF. 

Greece can improve its national competitiveness, be organized again as a cohesive society around a production model that facilitates the internal resources of the country: the land and people. “Land” means culture, history, primary production, landscape, environment, monuments, tourism, geography, networks, energy, transports. “People” means knowledge, work, entrepreneurship, family cohesion, memories, feelings, dreams and ideas, values, solidarity, sustainable welfare state.

For all these to be achieved, though, the European identity of the country has to be affirmed, as well as its irrevocable participation in the European family and the eurozone. The banks have to reopen, the free movement of capital has to be restored, along with imports and exports. Bank deposits must be protected by the only institution that has the ability to offer this guarantee, the ECB.

A main prerequisite for all these is the will of the Greek people. The will to say “Yes”, even in a referendum that is dumb-cunning, blackmailing and spurious.


A main prerequisite is that the tough experience of this week, with closed banks, queues at ATMs, failure to pay pensions, help the Greek society to understand retroactively what we fought to avoid during the past five years, armed with the heavy sacrifices the people themselves made. The Greeks sacrificed 25% of the GDP to save the 75%. Those who, for five years, sold the lie of a supposedly easy, but nonexistent plan B, without any sacrifices, succeeded in five months in putting under question everything that the people managed to save during the previous five years of drought.

A “No” leads to a deadlock. It leads to a national strategy and national identity crisis.

A “Yes” gives a boost in order to restart the economy and the society.

A “Yes” is also a guarantee for the protection of democracy, tolerance, pluralism, fairness, of aesthetic pluralism.

The first step, the day after “Yes”, should be the establishment -at last- of a national negotiating team that will immediately restore the proper relationship of the Greek banking system with the ECB and conclude the agreement for the completion of the Memorandum and the gradual transition to the precautionary credit line, without unnecessary fiscal austerity measures, but with a stable reformative orientation.

One that will bring things back to where they were on the eve of the January elections. One that will mobilize all the creative forces of the country and impose the language of truth as the official national language, without cheap lies and hypnotic illusions.

I belong to those who fought all these past years, at a great political and personal cost. I do not want to see my country go back decades. To experience retroactively the postwar history of other Balkan peoples that Greece had avoided. I want to see a confident Greece once more.

This is why on Sunday, a positive Greece has to win, a Greece that is willing and able.

The Greece of a “Yes” that unites.

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