Athens, 3 July 2015

Evangelos Venizelos

Can the meteorologist/Prime Minister distinguish spitting from rain?

He has led the country into an institutionally extortionate process, to an unprecedented “fast-track” referendum on an issue that is primarily fiscal, i.e. an issue which a referendum is constitutionally forbidden to be called for.

He has divided the Greek society when national unity and consensus is needed.

He tries to appear as a representative of “No”, when he could be the representative of the whole nation in the negotiations with the creditors and partners.

He has violated accepted the procedural guarantees of a genuine referendum that are accepted by the Council of Europe. He toys when he should not with the Armed Forces in tandem with his nationalist-populist associate.

He has mobilized the state mechanisms in favour of the government's point of view.

He has presented the “No” vote as a “No” to the attack of the other EU member states and the European institutions on the Democracy in Greece and in the European Union in general.

He has presented the matter as a question of national sovereignty and dignity, as if the other EU member states demonstrate a void of democracy, sovereignty and dignity that they have to fill.

He has lost every potential ally at the level of the European Council and the Eurogroup.


In order to develop these political arguments, he has caused the unfruitful end of the support program of Greece by the eurozone.

He has left the country exposed.

He has made the country an overdue debtor to the IMF, vulnerable to downgrading by rating agencies and to the legal capacity of its institutional creditors to believe that a credit event leading the country into bankruptcy has taken place.

He proudly ceased the negotiations with the European partners and the following day he returned, asking for an extension of the then expiring program of the EFSF and a new two-year program (i.e. a new memorandum) from the ESM!

He himself caused the ECB's refusal to increase the ELA to Greek banks; something that was known and expected.

After this, he was forced to issue, with his own signature, a legislative act imposing a bank closure and suffocating capital controls.

For the first time, the state is unable to pay pensions and has led pensioners to wait in humiliating queues before ATMs.

All these have already caused the risk of falling back into a 3% recession in 2015, instead of the 2.5% of the GDP growth that was expected before the 25/1 elections.

He has caused, within a week, the cost of lost five months to skyrocket to about 10 billion euros (5.5 percent of the GDP, from a 2.5% increase to a 3% recession), costs which translates into additional fiscal austerity measures.

And after he did all these, he comfortably said on national television that the differences between the government proposal and the proposal by the European institutions on the budgetary measures are miniscule (verbatim: miniscule)!

He stated that the crucial issues are not financial or structural ones, but the following:

- Debt restructuring as part of the activities and commitments of 2012, which he fought against so furiously!

- The development package, that is mainly composed, however, by the existing resources of the new NSRF program and CAP policy, along with loans from the European Investment Bank!

- The funding scheme, which mainly comprises unspent funds from the European program that ended on 30/6 and the IMF program that expires on 31/03/2016!

And because all these inconsistencies and contradictions were not enough for him, now that he sees the enormous mobilization of civil society in favour of “Yes”, now that the polls record a victory for “Yes”, he goes on and makes two additional amazing arguments:

The first is that a “No” will lead to an agreement within 48 hours with the undemocratic Europe that vengefully punishes Greeks and wants to humiliate and overthrow the Left/Right-wing SYRIZANEL government (which is additionally supported by Golden Dawn)!

 A “No” leads to an agreement on the basis of texts that would obviously be rejected in the referendum, but on the 90% of which he himself had agreed, with his signature!

The second is that in the case that “Yes” prevails, he will not consider that his policy has been rejected, he will not consider that he has automatically entered in a crisis of democratic legitimacy, but that he, despite being rejected through a referendum, is the guarantor of the constitutional procedures to be launched!

We are now informed that the exponent of one of the two paths that are to be decided through the referendum, is a player and a referee at the same time! We are informed that he is also putting forth a claim for the role of the President of the Republic! That he is not a weatherproof PM, but simply a meteorologist who sees the weather and informs us! I hope that he is able to distinguish spitting from rain.

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